New Portal 2 trailer gives first taste of how co-op will work

Portal can apparently do no wrong. The original was so good we ventured that it might in fact bethe perfect videogame. But one thing it didn't have was co-op - and that's something the sequel is about to address in some style. Take a look at this CG trailer, which shows how much fun two people can have with logic puzzles and a portal gun.

The cynical could argue that it looks exactly like single-player Portal but with two players, but the potential for gameplay that's beyond anything seen in the ground-breaking original is very high.Not only will more complex puzzles be possible with the extra player,it will also give GlaDOS plenty of new behaviour to analyse. Not least because there's also plentyof scope for annoying the hell out of your co-op partner.It's only a matter of time before someone opens up a portal under their mate's feet and drops him into an acid pit.

Speaking of building on the original, look closer and you'll find that the two robots are made out of a gun turret and a personality core from the original game. They've also been animated to Pixar-quality, with loads of expression in their eyes. If this is carried over to the game itself, we should be in for a treat.

On a side note, I couldn't help but noticethat the 'one short, one tall' makes them look like Mobo and Robo from retro classic Bonanza Bros (oops... careful how you type that -'Bonanza Bris' is a completely different kind of game).

Above: Even the colour of the eyes corresponds to Mobo and Robo. Co-incidence, or knowing nod?

Basically, Dave H is going to explode at his desk if he gets any more excited about Portal 2 and, despite telling everyone thatco-op can be a terrible idea,even he thinks this is going to be great. Do you agree? Or should Portal be a single-player only experience? Let us know in the comments.

24 Aug, 2010


Justin Towell

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