Pathfinder reveals new rulebooks that are "easier to learn and more fun to play"

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Longtime D&D rival Pathfinder will be releasing new versions of its core rulebooks later this year.

Rather than being an all-new edition, this is more of a rework that improves upon the existing rulebooks' formatting so that they feature rules that have been introduced since their original publication. Much like the upcoming One D&D revamp, accessibility is also at the top of the agenda for this fresh wave of Pathfinder books. More specifically, the official announcement noted that it is "remixing four years of updates and refinements to make the game easier to learn and more fun to play."

Crucially, Pathfinder - which ranks as one of the best tabletop RPGs in the eyes of many - will also be moving away from the D&D Open Game License that caused a great deal of controversy toward the beginning of this year. These new rulebooks will instead utilize Pathfinder's own Open RPG Creative license (ORC) system that is "currently being finalized with the help of hundreds of independent RPG publishers." This means that certain iconic D&D elements tied to the Open Game License will not be included in future Pathfinder material. 

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However, that doesn't mean your existing Pathfinder books are going to be invalidated because it's mainly bringing together disparate material into one place: "the overwhelming majority of the rules themselves will not change." That means you don't have to upgrade.

According to the announcement post, the first of these books (the player and Game Master guides) will launch in November 2023, while the monster and second player rulebooks are set to land in July 2024. 

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