New Onechanbara babes revealed

We know we’re supposed to be morally outraged at the incredibly sexist idea of a game in which bikini-clad ladies hack away at swarms of zombies. We get that. But you know what? Most of us here really LIKE girls in bikinis (and schoolgirl outfits). And we love zombies. So, you put those two together and add in some samurai swords, and we’re there, outraged or not.

Which brings us to Onechanbara, coming soon to Wii and 360 (with two different names, no less). We’ve known two of the game’s playable vixens for some time: the bikini-clad cowgirl Aya and her naughty schoolgirl sister Saki. Now we can reveal three more characters in all their playmate-like glory. This info all comes straight from the game’s Japanese developer, so it might not all make total sense until we get our hands on the game. Just trust that you’ll understand it eventually… or not.

REIKO (Wants to capture samples of The Baneful Blood)

Unidentified Nationality
Age: Unknown
Body Height: 5 feet 6 inches (168cm)
Measurements: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
The official name is “Reiko No.9”.
She is a belligerent clone out of the agency’s scientific capability.
She is one of the 9 bodies cloned from Original Reiko who tries to unveil the secret of IMICHI as a biological server.
They are called “Single Numbers” so as to be distinguished from mass-produced Reikos later.
All operative Reikos in the world are cloned from Single Numbers.
There are various types of cloning Reikos because they are customized for combats or data gathering etc. on genetic levels when they are cloned.
All Reikos are linked by the spirit-sympathizing wave of Original Reiko.
They share everything such as the five senses, the memories, and feelings with Original Reiko.

Misery (Wants Aya’s and Saki’s blood to grow strong)

Unidentified Nationality
Age: Unknown
Measurements: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
She is the descendant of the same family who carries IMICHI like Aya and Saki
She joins hands with the agency which researches IMICHI, because they share a mutual interest.
However, she secedes from the agency in order to grow her power.
She tries to beat Aya and Saki who carry IMICHI, but she is vanquished.
Still she appears again in front of her rivals, Aya and Saki, due to the special and strong ability to regenerate.

Anna (Appears only in 360 version of Game)

Part of the Zombie Police Force, a group that is out to control the infestation of zombies
She protects Saki from danger in the Bikini Samurai Squad.

Nov 5, 2008