New, new Donkey Kong Country Returns trailer cranks up the heat

To help quash fears that the Wii's new Donkey Kong Country Returns will cater to the casual crowd, Nintendo has released yet another trailer showcasing some of the game's more heated and hardcore moments.

Mecha-chickens? Killer drums? Desperate platforming sequences and precision barrel blasting? Now this is the sadistically unforgiving Donkey Kong I remember – albeit with a fresh paint of coat and a some intriguing new ideas from developer Retro Studios.

Could this be the Wii's penultimate platformer? We'll have to wait until November 21st to get it on like...wait...can we still say that?

Nov 16, 2010

Donkey Kong Country Returns: New trailer is a thrilling hardcore gift to your mid-90s self
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It's just not worthy of the “Country” name without all of this

It's tight like copyright

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