New MVC3 gameplay vids show off new moves for Americatatsu and Dormroommomu (sic)

Looking at the first video, Dormammu seems to have a special command that charges his hands with red and blue energy, allowing him use of different regular and special moves; note how his hands glow red and blue after certain commands. He catches a little beat downby Chris Redfield when his hands aren’t charged, so it seems a safe bet that keeping charged will be an important tactic.He also seems to utilize a lot of powerful multi hit projectiles to zone his opponents; between the black hole, the energy beams and the meteor shower, he's not hurting for options. Compared to the other characters in action he seems a bit slower, but very powerful. On the downside, he seems like a pretty big character who can get juggled a bit easier, but that's the price you pay for awesome black hole fireballs and cosmic explosions.

Amaterasu also gets some screen time, showing off some of her Super attacks and what looks like some sort of charge move. Amaterasu also uses her projectile assist attack a few times in the video, rapidly firing off some ice shards. We get a brief glimpse at one of her other Super attacks, and judging by the icons on the screen this one looks related to the Celestial Brush; Amaterasu seems to get some added range to her attacks with ink brush strokes extending her moves. The match ends with Amaterasu’s Hyper combo, a high damage attack where she hits Dormammu with fire, ice and electricity.

One of the most bizarre moves in these videos is Viewtiful Joe’s slow motion Super attack. After hitting Thor in the junk with what looks like a command grab, the super ends and Thor’s movement is slowed way down; the blue flashing and SLOW text indicate the status. All told, It looks like the status lasts about 15 seconds. Thor’s still able to block while slowed, but all of his moves come out at a snail’s pace and the recovery after whiffed moves is even worse. It doesn’t seem possible that slowed players will be able to perform combos. While people tend to prefer direct damage supers, this one seems extra deadly, as it completely negates your offense and essentially forces you to switch the slowed character out or turtle until the status wears off.

The little touches are also very neat, “I will strike you down demon hunter.” Dormammu says to Dante before the match begins; Joe even calls out his ally’s names before they switch in. So, in conclusion, Viewtiful Joe is still looking fast and combo-centric and Dormammu is looking like an odd, slow,big damage projectile hybrid character. Oh and that wolf is looking neat too.

Aug 26, 2010

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