New movies for every occasion

TalkTalk Box Office brings you an unbelievable selection of films for the ultimate night in, offering you a hassle-free choice of the best movies for every occasion.

Admit it, there’s not much better than a night in with a movie.

What's not to like? It's an opportunity to sit back, chill, socialise and, y'know, watch a great film. All from the comfort of your own home.

With TalkTalk, you don't even need to leave the sofa in order to pick up the perfect film for any occasion, so make sure you've stocked up on snacks in advance. With TalkTalk Box Office rentals service, the ultimate film selection is at your fingertips, with rentals starting at just £1, and the very latest movies available for £3.50.

Of course, when it comes to choosing a movie, there's no one-size-fits-all solution, so you'll be relieved to know that there are films to satisfy every type of fan. TalkTalk Box Office’s wide-ranging selection has the perfect film for every occasion, guaranteed to satisfy even the most demanding modern audiences. And when you rent a film through TalkTalk Box Office, you'll have it for a full 48 hours to watch it when it suits you - or rewatch it if you loved it that much the first time round. There’s no need to fear dozing off on the sofa either, as you can rewind, pause or restart as you need to: it's up to you.

Now, about those film choices...

Date Night

The big one. Whether you're having a new date over for the first time, or just enjoying a night off with your long-term partner, film choice is crucial when it comes to a date night: it can be the difference between a five-star evening in or an instantly regrettable disaster.

You need romance, style, and something that’ll keep both parties happy. The smart choice would be Enough Said . Too many romcoms are short on both romance and comedy, but this charmer has both in spades.

It’s a refreshingly ‘grown-up’ choice too, with Julia Louis-Dreyfus on fine form as a funny, relatable lead, with the late James Gandolfini (in one of his final roles) turning the twinkly-eyed charm all the way up to 11.

Perfect snack: White chocolate-coated popcorn.

Slumber Party

When you’ve got friends over, you don't want the film choice to disappoint: it needs to be BIG, and TalkTalk Box Office is brimming with the biggest titles around.

As well as spectacle, you want laughs, action and eyeball-popping effects that really bring the cinema feeling to your living room. Our top pick, Thor: The Dark World .

The latest piece in the Marvel cinematic universe, this sequel really does have it all - an epic clash between good versus evil, A-list movie stars, huge set-pieces and the ultimate loveable antihero in Tom Hiddleston’s Loki. Everyone's a winner. It’s available on TalkTalk Box Office from 24 Feb, and you can even get it in HD to make the visuals even more impressive and enhance the home experience further.

Perfect snack: Pepperoni pizza

Entertaining the kids

It takes a special kind of film to hold a child’s attention for 90 minutes or so of peace and quiet. Helpfully there's a ton of films to choose from on TalkTalk that’ll be as entertaining for the adults.

Take Disney’s Frozen . Having recently enjoyed a record-breaking run in cinemas (it's the animation giant’s biggest hit to date), it’s coming to TalkTalk Box Office from 31 March. You can pick it up from just £3.50 for 48 hours - and it's unlikely it'll be watched just once during that time period.

Harking back to Disney’s glory days, it re-tells a classic fairytale using state-of-the-art animation. At its heart, it’s the rather emotional story of two sisters, one of whom is struck with a chilly curse.

With plenty of gags and a host of great songs, no adults are going to begrudge watching along either.

Perfect snack: A tub of ice cream.

Mates over

If the wolf pack is getting together, laughs are generally the top priority. You want something familiar, something raucous, something banter friendly.

You can't go far wrong with a Hangover movie, one of the most successful comedy franchises ever. And from 28 February - 5 March, you can save £1.00 off The Hangover Part III , available discounted as part of TalkTalk Box Office’s Last Chance Movies range.

And with 48-hour rentals, you can watch it at a time that suits you, even if that means working it around the football.

Perfect snack: Fully loaded nachos (and a well-stocked fridge)

Peace and quiet

Just sometimes, watching a movie begs to be a solitary experience. And with the convenience of TalkTalk Box Office going straight to your telly, you can have an impromptu cinemafest whenever you fancy it (or whenever find yourself unexpectedly staying indoors with nothing to do).

This is the ideal time for a film to savour - the sort of experience that needs absolutely no interruptions. You want a film like Prisoners , the unbearably tense abduction drama. From the stark cinematography, to the haunted performances by Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal, it deserves your full attention.

Or if you really want to indulge and catch up on some of the films you may have missed recently (or revisit some old ones that you know you'll love), TalkTalk Box Office offers sets of Weekend Double Bills in a variety of categories every Saturday and Sunday for just £4.

Perfect snack: Nothing. You don't want any interruptions.

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