New member Monster Boy scares the Qrot out of everybody in Legion of Superheroes #6

(Image credit: DC)

Throughout its history, the backbone of DC’s Legion of Superheroes has always been its membership, and through numerous reboots, revamps, and continuity revisions, classic versions of characters like Cosmic Boy and Saturn Girl always seem to come back in some form or another.

This week, Brian Michael Bendis will try to do what’s often been a difficult task for Legion writers since the Silver and Bronze ages - add some new members with staying power to go toe-to-toe with longtime team members like Timber Wolf, Wildfire and Karate Kid. 

Next week in Legion of Superheroes #6 Monster Boy, and two names with a DCU ring to them - Doctor Fate and Gold Lantern - join the team along with Superboy, who was recently aged to make him appropriately old enough to once again join the 31st-century team of teenage heroes.

With art and a cover by Ryan Sook and a variant of Alex Garner, the preview offers a glimpse of Monster Boy, who - as seen on the cover and then the interior pages - apparently takes on different forms according to the situation, and in this case goes from a Wolfman on the cover to a Mars Attacks-looking dude in the inside.

Check him out in our preview. 

art and cover by RYAN SOOK
card stock variant cover by ALEX GARNER
Meet the latest crop of Legionnaires: Gold Lantern! Monster Boy! Doctor Fate! Each a new face in the DC Universe, each with dark secrets, and each with a reason to be part of the Legion’s goal to bring the values of the Age of Heroes to the 31st century. And one of them has a surprising connection to Jon Kent, a.k.a. Superboy. All of this and the tensions between the United Planets and the Legion of Super-Heroes have gone public! The future of the DC Universe continues to unfold!

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