New media for Dark Messiah

Many valid comparisons have been made between the upcoming first-person fantasy action title Dark Messiah of Might and Magic and the cross-platform epic Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. But today's treasure trove of media steers our view of Dark Messiah sharply away from the sofa-bound console-compatible games like Oblivion and squarely onto our high-resolution PC monitors.

While these new images (the rest are behind the Images tab) reveal that Dark Messiah is being made with only one platform in mind, they also illustrate the skill trees, deep inventory and simplified menu system that have been designed for the game.

You can also see Dark Messiah set in motion by lead producer Romain de Waubert de Genlis in the new video that he dropped by today (click on Movies above). While he might not be the most exciting narrator in the world, the high-speed slashing and flame-drenched action surely makes up for it.

August 21, 2006