New Max Payne 3 artwork 'Downpour' has Payne in the rain

In need of a pensive, rain-soaked background or two? Then check out the latest Max Payne 3 artwork from Rockstar Games. The game was recently delayed until May 15, and to keep it from slipping your mind, Rockstar has been pumping out gritty depictions of Max’s misadventures in Sao Paulo. The latest shows Max rocking twin Desert Eagles, waiting for his ship to come in at the docks.

That’s not all. Rockstar has a whole gallery of high quality Payne illustrations. See Max stalk, drink, brood and generally have a bad time in seven high resolution images, many of which have 850x315 versions optimized for Facebook timelines. Between that and the avatars and buddy icons, you can slap a coat of Payne on everything you do online.

If you need even more Payne to pass the time until May 15, you should really check out Rockstar’s Design and Technology video series. An in-depth look at how Rockstar’s is trying to merge the precision of a first-person shooter with the character focus of a third-person action game, these videos are a lecture on ground-breaking game design.

Alex Roth