New look Splinter Cell revealed

As you can see from this brand new shot of Sam Fisher, undercover agent extraordinaire and star of new Splinter Cell adventure, Splinter Cell: Conviction, our old spy buddy is in a bit of a fix.

He's got tramp's stubble, an unshaven noggin and obligatory hoodie - all of which screams "fugitive from shady government organizations." Well, it does to us anyway. That, and the policeman pointing a gun at him.You can see another view of Fisher's natty new look by hitting the above Images tab.

Our own info-digging agents have informed us that Sam Fisher's new mission will be a revolution for the series, with Sam stripped of his usual array of sneak-tastic gadgets. You'll be forced to rely on your own quick wits as Sam flees the strength of a corrupt Third Echelon - his old employers - in a series of escapades that will take place primarily in daylight hours, so relying on shadows to cover your movements won't work any more.

With Splinter Cell: Conviction now exposed to the cold light of our attention, it can't be long before publisher Ubisoft rounds us up for a hands-on operation. Hopefully we'll be allowed to talk about it afterwards...

May 9, 2007