A new social space, increased level cap and fresh faces - Here's everything we learned about Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris at Paris Games Week

We finally know when we're getting a fresh slice of sweet, sweet Destiny 2 content. The game's first DLC pack, Curse of Osiris is landing on December 5 but aside from a rather exciting trailer, Bungie has been a bit secretive with the details. Thankfully we got a sneak peek at some of the upcoming content, which includes upped level caps, some brand new characters and a whole lot of gameplay. Here's what we learned behind the scenes at Paris Games Week about what's coming in Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris. 

Some brand new characters...

Obviously the clue is in the name here, but Destiny 2's first expansion is focused on a brand new character called Osiris. He's been mentioned plenty in the original game and its sequel, and he's steeped in lore, but this is the first time we'll be seeing him in the flesh. He's classed as the most powerful Warlock ever to live and was actually mentor to our very own Ikora Rey. He happens to be a Dawnblade too, which - as we all know - is the best Warlock subclass. But he's also rather notorious and has gone missing in exile, with Ikora now doing everything she can to find him. 

And that's where another new character comes in - Sagira. She's actually Osiris' Ghost and trusted companion. It'll be her that guides you through space and time to find Osiris himself - marking the first time a Guardian has ever spoken to another Ghost. She's got a similar sort of personality to Failsafe - our favourite sassy AI - and, just to make her even more cool, she's voiced by none other than Morena Baccarin, of Firefly fame. 

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...and some familiar faces

Joining the cast for Curse of Osiris is of course Ikora Rey as your Warlock Vanguard. But there's another familiar face joining the storyline too - Brother Vance. He is the Trials of Osiris vendor in the Vestian Outpost in the original Destiny and a member of the Osiris cult. He's a crucial piece of the puzzle of finding Osiris, as he's the one who shows you the way into the Infinite Forest on Mercury. 

A whole new planet to explore

There's a brand new location joining the planets we know and love in Destiny 2, and in Curse of Osiris we're going to Mercury. It has quite a different feel to any of the other planets, with a kind of golden hue. But it's also home to a place known as the Infinite Forest. This strange place is a simulated reality in the middle of time controlled by the Vex. 

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A story set after Destiny 2

The whole story of Curse of the Osiris is focused on him. It starts out with Ikora sending you to Mercury on a mission to find Osiris, who just happens to have the answers humanity needs to stop the onslaught of the Vex. It's on Mercury that a mysterious ancient portal has sparked to life. Vex from across the timelines are streaming out of it, and have battling on their mind. They're hellbent on taking out humanity once and for all, and you'll need Osiris' knowledge to stop them. 

This is the first time that the Destiny series has really delved into the Vex and their backstory, and Curse of Osiris is going to tell you a lot about them, it seems. Osiris though disappeared into another ancient gate on Mercury, one which leads to the Infinite Forest.  

New level caps for every Guardian

For anyone feeling like they've gotten everything they can out of Destiny 2, news of heightened level caps will come as a lovely treat. Curse of Osiris will rise the Character Level Cap to 25, and will set the maximum Power Level at 330. That's up from the current level caps of Level 20 and Power Level 305.

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A brand new social space... kind of

If you're bored of the Tower, there's some good news for you because Curse of Osiris is bringing you a brand new social space. Well, for some of us anyway. It's called the Lighthouse and if you successfully fought your way to be crowned champions in Trials of Osiris you'll have already gained access to this candlelit place. But for anyone who hasn't been successful, this is going to be a fresh  area where you can catch up with your fellow Guardians. Bungie is opening it up for everyone so they can discover its various mysteries for themselves.

And a whole load of other stuff

Bungie is keeping tight lipped on the specific details, but what we do know is that Curse of Osiris adds "a new mission, Strikes, Adventures" as well as a "new Raid activity". More details are coming via Bungie live streams, but expect a whole spaceship full of new content when the expansion drops on December 5.

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