New Lara Croft image is a "unified vision" of the character and isn't how she'll look in future Tomb Raider games

Tomb Raider unified vision of Lara Croft
(Image credit: Crystal Dynamics)

The new Lara Croft image that was released last week doesn't reflect how she'll look in future Tomb Raider games, its developers have revealed. 

On February 16, the official Tomb Raider Twitter account shared a brand new image of Lara Croft along with news about its newly-launched website. At the time, the image was described as a wallpaper "showcasing our unified vision for Lara Croft," which combines several of her looks over the years, but many fans took this as a hint as to how the protagonist would look in future games.

Not everyone was a fan of this version of Lara Croft, with many responding to the tweet with criticisms such as "this is just Call of Duty Lara" and "she looks nothing like the pre-reboot Laras." It seems a lot of fans prefer Lara's original design and weren't happy to see a version of the heroine that doesn't resemble this. Thankfully, for these fans, this Lara probably won't go further than the wallpaper.

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Spanish outlet Vandal (machine translated), who claims to have been issued statements from sources working on the upcoming Amazon Tomb Raider game, says that the image in question "does not correspond" to the design that Lara Croft will have in Amazon's Tomb Raider project and it is just a "unified vision" - just like the tweet suggests. In other words, we'll have to keep waiting for the official Lara reveal. 

Back in December 2022, Amazon announced it was publishing the next Tomb Raider game - which is currently in development with Crystal Dynamics - and says it's the "most expansive" one yet. The new project also uses Unreal Engine 5, meaning this could end up being the most gorgeous-looking Tomb Raider game we've seen yet. 

In other Tomb Raider news, it's recently been revealed that the Tomb Raider Remastered trilogy, which was released last week, was led by a fan who's spent the last 8 years working on an unofficial Tomb Raider game engine. Speaking of the remasters, some of the changes introduced are proving problematic for players.

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