New Kevin Butler 'Yes We Canada' ad is condescending, hilarious

As reluctant as we are to like any corporate mascot, PlayStation's fictitious 'VP of everything,' Kevin Butler, continues to fast talk his way into our hearts.

In his latest ad, which pimps the new video streaming services (finally) coming to Canada, he demonstrates once again why all we need is a spoonful of Butler to start our day right...

We're not sure if 'creating the best televised tribute to Canadians' was also on his list of things-to-do at 00:20, but gosh darn if he hasn't gone and done it anyways.

Loose stereotypes aside, it looks like Canucks will finally be getting access to PS3's full entertainment library and video streaming functionality. You know, when they're not renovating igloos or hunting for pet moose.

Ed. Note: Oh Caaanadaaa!

Nov 10, 2010

[Source: Hot Blooded Gaming]

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