New issue of OXM fondles you hard

The editors of Official Xbox Magazine want to show you their privates... well, one of them does. Actually you might have already seen the hallowed groin of Senior Editor Dan Amrich if you recently played Uno on Xbox Live. He shoved it all up in the Vision Camera for you. Although he says this was an experiment for an article he was writing titled "How to Get Kicked Off Xbox Live," we have our doubts. He also performed unsavoryacts with a microphoneandturned Mortal Kombat opponents into fierce bigots.

But because OXM is related to us by blood as well as office vicinity, we commanded them to give you a preview of Shivering Isles, the enormous expansion pack for Oblivion. And we even helped them out by forcing Senior Editor Christian Nutt to do thema 4-page review of sizzling-hot import RPG Blue Dragon.Bring us your women to show your thanks.

And of course there’s the Hollywood-style 2006 award ceremony for allyou fans of glitz and glamor. We've also got some Hollywood music for you righthere- we recommend the tender love ballad Frank Sinatra.