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We hope you’ve cleared out your pile of shame, as there are too many games on the horizon to fit into one feature. That’s not stopped us though, as we’ve rounded up the 51 best games inbound that you need to keep tabs on. From hands-on with Halo 5 to undercover with Uncharted 4; If there’s a game worth pulling a sickie for, it’s in our huge blow out.

Ready for some surprises? We’ve all the latest on The Last Guardian, Sony’s long-thought-dead adventure from the team behind Ico and Shadow Of The Colossus. We’ve been behind closed doors with the creator of Dark Souls III. Oh, and did someone say Shenmue III? Throw in everything you need to know about the freshly announced Final Fantasy VII Remake (it’s real!) and you’ve got yourself a winning issue of GM!

And that’s before we get stuck into Reviews. Batman is back for a final night of surprises in Arkham Knight. Is this the best looking game on current-gen so far? We’ve also dug deep to bring you definitive verdicts on Heroes Of The Storm, Yoshi’s Woolly World and surprise mobile hit Fallout Shelter.

We’ve packed out the rest of the issue too! CultureMaster grants you a fix of the latest goings on in the wider world of gaming, while our specially tailored IndieMaster and RetroMaster sections bring you the requisite amount of alternative gaming love and nostalgia baiting reminiscence.

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