New Iron Man 2 screens and renders offer Photoshop potential

This morning we received asmall selection of new, super-gloss Iron Man 2 screens. The shotsillustrate some of the things you'd probably expect to do in Iron Man 2, like fly, and blow things up. See the high-res versions in our snazzy screenshot viewer (360|PS3|Wii|PSP), and keep scrolling for some giant character renders.

Above:Pew pew pew!

Above: The Wii screens are similar, only not as good, if that's news

We also received several character renders, which you could probably make into some moderately cool desktop backgrounds - though you'd be tired of them in a week, so consider that. Click the images for the full resolutions, and if you're feeling unemployed or are tired of doing homework, which is for chumps,why not waste some time Photoshoppingthem into something stupid? Like, for instance, stills from Alice in Wonderland?

Above: Iron Man in Wonderland? A terribly mediocrefilm just got awesome

If you do feel the creative bug, go to the doctor and getthat checked out, and then posta linkto your goofiness in the comments orforumsso we can all have a giggle.

Mar 17, 2010

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer