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New Horror SFX Special Edition On Sale Now!

Our 164-page Ultimate Guide To Horror covers everything you need to celebrate the greatest moments in horror history!

From the darkest moments of Alien - the supreme sci-fi horror - via those infamous gory deaths in Supernatural and the top TV terror-shows you'll never forget, to a tour of the most vivid movies, this issue will leave you blood-thirsty for more...

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Alien Case Files
An Ultimate Guide To Horror can't be complete without a satisfyingly long special about the Alien movies. We look at these in depth and explore the making, content and future of these classics, plus the videogame spin-offs.

The TV Terror Top 40
We review and rank all of those small-screen shows that managed to live up to, or surpass, our expectations. Where will The Vampire Diaries or Supernatural rank? Remember Goosebumps ? Or our dear friend, Buffy The Vampire Slayer ? What show do you think came out on top?

Top 10 Gory Supernatural Deaths
Notorious for the vast amount of blood and guts which spew across out TV screens in every episode, we recount our favourite and most gruesome deaths in Supernatural . Beware – this is not for the faint-hearted!

The Blair Witch Project
One of the many horror films that we fondly reminisce about is The Blair Witch Project – a seemingly amateur movie which caught the attention of millions, and inspired the found-footage craze which soon became overused. Can anything live up to the fame of this incredible yet terrifying video diary?

FrightFest 2014
This issue looks back on the introduction of FrightFest and explains, if you didn't know it already, the huge impact that this annual event has on the world of horror. Plus words from the founder himself, Alan Jones.

Christopher Lee
Sir Christopher Lee has made his mark on around 275 horror films. Think Dracula , The Mummy , Taste Of Fear and The Wicker Man – we explore and review his amazing work in this feature!

Cornered: London Horror Comic
You'll also find something for comic book fans; a taster from London Horror Comic delivers eight stunning pages with art by Lee Ferguson and a perfect hybrid of horror and humorous writing by John-Paul Kamath.

The Walking Dead
There's also a chat with The Walking Dead prop master, John Sanders, who tells us about the various weapons which the group use to survive, and he reveals how the actors have managed to master these tools.

All this and more, available now in good newsagents or direct from us in print or digitally:

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