New Hitman 2 gameplay shows you can kill with just about anything and gets a November 13 release date

We've finally got our first good look at some Hitman 2 gameplay, with a new Miami level where just about everything you can pick up has some sort of lethal potential: from fish to fruit, if you can grab it, you can ruin someone's day when the Hitman's Release date, November 13, comes around. Remember knocking everyone out with well thrown hammers? Looks like that's a big feature this time. 

As well as all the throwing, the new Hitman 2 trailer gives us a first look at some of the targets Agent 47 has his sights set on. Specifically "Providence defectors Robert and Sierra Knox." You might remember Providence as the super secret organisation running the world from the Shadows in the previous game. 

That last game (spoilers) ended with an uneasy alliance between Hitman's employers, the ICA, and Provenance after it was revealed that a 'Shadow Client' had been playing them both against each other. The new instalment seems to be following that up if 47 is going after defectors from the secret society.

Developer IO Interactive say this Miami level is one of the biggest events it's created with over 2000 people milling around. Those crowds can be useful as well, letting you hide inside them from guards, as long as no alarms have been raised. AND, the briefcase is back. Formerly a way of smuggling your trusty sniper rifle into public areas, it can now also be used to carry other things you might find useful.

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