New Geometry Wars Waves in PGR4

The launch of Project Gotham Racing 4 this Friday will not only give 360 owners the chance to experienceone of the best racing games ever made, butalso theopportunityto sample Geometry Wars: Waves,a new version ofthe frantic, high-score shooter.

While keeping the same simple premise of blasting everything in sight there are some notable changes.The enemies now attack in waves, travelling back and forth across the screen. Smart bombs are now a thing of the past and your multiplier bonus is increased by collecting fragments of destroyed enemy ships.

It%26rsquo;s still as addictive and difficult as ever due, in part, to the fact that you now only have one life to get that high score. Just don%26rsquo;t forget there%26rsquo;s one hell of a racing game begging for your attention as well.