New Final Fantasy games revealed

Three Final Fantasy games are in the works for PSP, with Square Enix bringing Final Fantasy Anniversary Edition, Final Fantasy II Anniversary Edition, and enhanced remake Final Fantasy Tactics: The Lion War to Sony's gleaming handheld.

The two Anniversary Edition titles will be remakes of the original Final Fantasy adventures, with the first game's Anniversary Edition including the new dungeon featured in the recent GBA release. Both will still be in 2D, but enhanced for PSP's high-contrast screen, according to the latest issue of Japanese gaming bible, Famitsu.

Also in the magazine are new details on Final Fantasy Tactics: Lion War, a remake of the PSone classic. The game's hero Ramza but he'll be joined by Bathier from Final Fantasy XII, among other new characters. The magazine also reveals that the Dark Knight job, which was recently seen in Final Fantasy V Advance, will be added to the game's lineup of character classes.

It's heartening to see a developer like Square Enix supporting the neglected PSP, especially with classic titles like these. Now, if we could just persuade the developer to bring Final Fantasy VII into the world of handhelds...

January 18, 2007