Check out Alex Ross' Fantastic Four #1 variant covers

Fantastic Four #4 Alex Ross variant cover art
Fantastic Four #4 Alex Ross variant cover art (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Update: Marvel Comics is showing off a quartet of black and white portrait variant covers by Alex Ross for the first four issues of November 9's relaunched Fantastic Four from writer Ryan North and artist Iban Coello.

The first three issues will feature solo adventures of The Thing along with his wife Alicia, Reed Richards, and then Susan Richards, respectively (with corresponding Ross variants), as the team separates following a "devastating incident" in New York.

The team will then reunite in "heartbreaking and revelatory" fashion in - appropriately enough -  Fantastic Four #4, which will feature the Johnny Storm Ross variant cover.

The covers join a pair of J. Scott Campbell variant covers the publisher previously released along with first look color pages at interior art by Coello. 

Here are the Ross covers:

And the first look interior art: 

As for the Campbell covers (below), "It's a thrill and an honor to create cover art celebrating the anniversary of characters that have become so iconic and ingrained in our culture," Campbell says. "I really wanted to make images that would have a visual bridge from the pulpy 4 color origins of these monumental heroes to the modern-day slick coloring and production we are now all familiar with."

According to the publisher, the new series begins with the FF all going separate ways after a mysterious incident in their home base of NYC. "Whatever happened to the Fantastic Four?" will be the theme of the series' first story arc as the separated team finds their way back to one another. 

Marvel is promising more Campbell anniversary covers (many prominent Marvel characters will celebrate their 60th anniversary in 2023, including Iron Man, Doctor Strange, the Avengers, and the X-Men.

Check out Ross's covers and look for more information about the relaunched Fantastic Four below. 

Fantastic Four #1 cover (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Original story follows...

Following a teaser released during Comic-Con International: San Diego (seen below), Marvel Comics has revealed the new creative team of Fantastic Four following writer Dan Slott's upcoming departure from the title: writer Ryan North and artist Iban Coello.

That partially lines up with the teaser, which showed a compass rose pointing North and South with the words "Writer" and "Artist" accompanying each, respectively. 'North' obviously lines up with Ryan North as writer, but it's unclear how or if the teaser was meant to indicate Iban Coello as his collaborator with the 'South' designator.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Either way, North and Coello will kick off their FF run by trapping Ben Grimm and his wife Alicia Masters in a Groundhog Day-style time loop in a small town (as seen in the first look above). And from there, the new creative team looking to bring some classic Star Trek adventure of the week type storytelling.

"I want to do these smaller, self-contained stories in the vein of '60s Star Trek, where they go down to a planet, find a weird thing, fix the weird thing, and move on," North tells Entertainment Weekly, who first announced the new FF creative team. 

"Having these four weirdos roll into town where there's a mystery or a problem or some sci-fi thing, solve the problem, and then move on struck me as a very interesting way to position the Fantastic Four and tell stories that would feel fresh and not like a retread of what we've seen before."

The new Fantastic Four #1 from North and Coello goes on sale in November.

The debut issue will feature a main cover by Alex Ross and variant covers by Ross, Campbell, Coello, Frank Miller, Jack Kirby, Arthur Adams, and Todd Nauck. 

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