New Dragon Age comic looks poised to answer what Solas is up to in Dreadwolf

Dragon Age 4
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The first issue of Dragon Age: The Missing has arrived, and it looks like it might just give us some insight into what Solas is up to in the upcoming game.

The first issue features Varric Tethras (who you'll definitely remember from the games) and Lace Harding (who you /might/ remember from the games) working alongside Evka Iko and Antoine (previously established in the Tevinter Nights book) to investigate some disappearances amid the Deep Roads beneath Marnas Pell.

We previously learned a lot of that in the preview for The Missing, but Varric and Harding have a secret, though - they're actually here in search of Solas. Much of the comic is about the action as the party deals with the Darkspawn remnants in the area, but we get a few little morsels about the hunt for Solas. I'll leave the spoilers for the comic itself, but it looks like the series is building to a confrontation with Solas which should, hopefully, shed some light on what he's been up to in the leadup to Dreadwolf. The next issue will have Varric and Harding continuing the search into Vyrantium, a Tevinter city that was only mentioned in Inquisition.

We know that Solas has a big role to play in Dreadwolf - as if the title didn't give it away. Even back when we were still calling the game Dragon Age 4, Solas figured heavily into the early teasers. The latest teaser seemed to hint at Varric's involvement, too, so it looks like The Missing is setting up for the start of the new game in a big way.

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