New Dead by Daylight killer Sadako is already making players jump out of their seats

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The latest Dead by Daylight killer has already got streamers scared of their screens thanks to a powerful jump scare.

Sadako, the vengeful spirit that crawls out of TV screens in Japanese horror flick Ringu, is coming to Dead By Daylight on March 8, 2022. However, playtests for the character are well underway and various streamers have learnt the hard way that Sadako has a few unexpected tricks up her sleeve. 

As shared by various people on Twitter, Sadako doesn’t like to be left waiting in the lobby for too long. In fact, as players are waiting to start a game, the onryō has a habit of teleporting closer to the player and scaring the socks off of whoever is on the other side of the screen. You can see some terrifying - albeit hilarious - examples of this below (via Eurogamer). 

Sadako isn’t the only Ringu crossover character coming to the horror survival game next month as new survivor Yoichi Asakawa - who was a child in the Ringu films - will have to face up against the vengeful spirit once again, however this time as an adult. 

If you aren’t familiar, here’s everything you need to know about Sadako, Yoichi, and that spooky well. Originally beginning life in the 1991 novel Ringu by Koji Suzuki, Sadako went on to terrorise film goers in the 1998 film of the same name and later made her way overseas in an American remake called The Ring. 

Although every version of Sadako’s tale is slightly different, they all follow the same basic premise of a cursed videotape which, when watched, will result in the viewer's gruesome death in just seven days' time. That is, unless they get someone else to watch the same tape and pass on the curse. 

One of Sadako’s most iconic moments in each retelling of the story though is when she crawls out of the television set to claim her victim after the seven days are up. So we can totally see why the Dead by Daylight jumpscare is scaring the crap out of so many people. 

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