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New Darkstalkers a possibility? Our MvC3 interview thinks so

While most of the information is the same as my initial preview, the possibility of a new dedicated Darkstalkers game should get some of you very excited.


-How excited do you think everyone will be after this announcement? It’s been a 10 year wait, after all.

-How long was this in the works? Did it blossom recently or has it been off and on since Marvel vs Capcom 2?

-Was it any harder to finalize the deal this time around, what with Disney buying Marvel and Marvel Studios rising to prominence?

-What are some of the deciding factors in choosing which characters will be in the game?

-What will the fighting system be like? Like MvC2 or Tatsunoko? A new thing altogether?

-Now that this is out… when do we get our new Darkstalkers game?

Apr 23, 2010