New Burnout shots and debut trailer

You probably saw the first screens of developer Criterion's PS2 and PSP title Burnout Dominator when we posted themback in December, but publisher EA has just updated us with a new set of images and a trailer showing off the game in all its crash-infused glory.

New info reveals that "Burnouts" will make a return from Burnout 2 (where you fill up the boost meter and then drain it in one go) while Signature Shortcuts require you to perform a signature takedown at the entrance to a shortcut to unlock it. Also added is a Maniac mode which seems to be a kind of 'extreme' option that challenges you to perform multiple burnouts, get air, perform near-misses and drift round bends, all against the clock.

Above: Hopefully Dominator will boast some new Crash mode elements

While the PS2 version is a strictly offline game (multiplayer mode will only be available in split-screen or a pass-the-pad party mode), PSP will offer ad-hoc multiplayer for six players at a time and a Score Sync system that allows you to compare best race times with your opponents. Criterion has also promised additional content downloads for PSP at a later date, which we're told will include new tracks.

Hit the Movies tab and select "Burnout Dominator - trailer 01-10-07" and click the Images tab above to check out the screens and trailer for yourself.

January 10, 2007