New Bliss Island footage

It's not like PSP's widescreen hasn't got enough room for a bit of fluffy fun among the shooters and racing games - and so, if we didn't lose you at "fluffy," click the Movies tab above to see a bite-sized demonstration of Bliss Island.

Created by PomPom, the developer responsible for PC and Xbox Live Arcade's frantic shooter Mutant Storm, it's quite a change of atmosphere - asking you to use momentum-based physics to roll, bop and bounce various spherical creatures through a series of minigames.

Bliss Island started out as a free PC juggle-puzzler - you can find it here - but the PSP version is stacked with extra features and gameplay tweaks to make things a little more challenging, just like Every Extend Extradoes.

Bliss Island will be released for PSP near the beginning of next year.

October 27, 2006