New Atlus game to feature sex, sheep, and vaginal targeting

Well, maybe %26lsquo;vaginal targeting%26rsquo; is a bit of a stretch. But the first teaser Catherine, the latest title from Atlus certainly features lots of sex and sheep. If you%26rsquo;ve been waiting for more news about Persona 5, this may be even better. Catherine%26rsquo;s producer, character designer, and composer, have all sharpened their teeth on earlier Persona titles with Atlus.

The game follows Vincent, a 32-year-old office worker. But his dreary life gets a kick in the pants after a mysterious encounter with a young woman named Catherine. It%26rsquo;s not long before the nightmares begin, which find Vincent struggling to climb to the top of a seemingly never-ending staircase as giant hands chase after him. And of course, there are sheep, a necessary component for every existential nightmare about man%26rsquo;s struggle to find meaning in the modern world. Or not.

Above: That's Vincent on the left and Catherine on the right

Above: Vincent stumbling with the sheeple

Above: A bad case of bed hair

Details on how the game will work, outside of a recent reveal in Famitsu, are sparse at the moment, but it appears that the story will switch between the %26lsquo;real%26rsquo; world and Vincent%26rsquo;s nightmares, much like the way your team split time between the real world and the Dark Hour in the Persona series.

Speaking to Famitsu, Katsura Hashino jokes that Catherine will be different from the usual, saying that %26ldquo;it%26rsquo;s very adult-oriented.%26rdquo; Character designer Soejima described the look of Catherine as %26ldquo;daring%26rdquo; and %26ldquo;audacious,%26rdquo; says that there%26rsquo;s more to the game than its adult themes, hinting that when you actually play the game, you can expect to be %26ldquo;stimulated even more, although in a different sense.%26rdquo;

Catherine will be Atlus%26rsquo; first HD game and is expected to release in Japan for the PS3 and 360 this winter. You can check out theofficial teaser site, which is scheduled to open on August 23.

Above: The first teaser trailer for Catherine


Aug 19, 2010