New Alone in the Dark screens

Now, we wouldn't usually give you shots of a game'smenu screens (opens in new tab), but Alone in the Dark tries to do things a little differently.

Above: Man, we hope there's a cheat where the coat's filled with watches - the game is set in New York City, after all...

To keep things more grounded in gritty reality, all of your in-game inventory is placed in the dozens of pockets inside your jacket. Where in most other games you'd usually pause and go to a menu screen, in AitD you simply open you coat and look down at your chest, where you can see the various bottles, ammo and other items stored.

You'll also see lead character Edward Carnby applying medication to wounds manually, rather than simply seeing a health bar shoot up and a medipak disappear from your menu. Nice touch.

Courtesy of CVG (opens in new tab).

Jun 3, 2008