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Need For Speed: World hands-on

*Herein lies the thing that could turn some folks off of NFS: World: Microtransactions. It’s not a huge deal. With millions of people currently enjoying free-to-play MMOs (EA’s own Battlefield: Heroes, anyone?) without spending a dime, there’s no reason a piddly sum of money should diminish anyone’s experience. You’ll earn Reputation points and cash as XP to buy cars and the like, but from what we’re told, the purchasable in-game currency will be primarily Boost.

Above: That cross on the left are where you'll access Boost and other power-ups

Although, payment isn’t required. You’ll can also earn shots turbo shots of Nos throughout the normal progression of the game, but while you’re in a race/event, you’re still limited to how many times you can use it in a race. So, just because you buy a shit ton of it, doesn’t guarantee you’ll win a race. For instance, we blew ours by compensating for mistakes, and since we could only use it on a timed basis, those who used it more strategically fared much better, like say, during open stretches or to pass (more competent) opponents.

Above: Apparently, low end PCs shouldn't have a problem displaying the NFS upgrades

However, purchasing Boost will give the players a leg up. Not only will they be able to forego the process of earning it (we didn’t earn any for half an hour), they’ll also be able to rent high end cars far beyond their current class. Again, we enjoyed the hell out of it without spending dollar one. So, if you literally just want to try before you never buy, that option is always there.

Above: We'll leave you with a bit of Lambo!

Think we're full of shit? Try it out for yourself.Head hereand click APPLY FOR BETA to be one of the lucky few who gets to play the game before the rest of the World.

Mar 16, 2010