NBA '07 impressions

That's not to say his play style makes things easier. While The Kid's tasks in each scenario are laid out pretty plainly from the outset, Big W's goals are more random, popping up to tell him to perform a certain move in a short amount of time. The directives tend to be a little flashier than The Kid's drills and assists, so if nothing else, the switching play styles should keep you on your toes.

As you play through the story, you'll switch periodically between The Kid and Big W, and the two will constantly jockey for MVP status, ranked by how well they perform their goals. And depending on which character finishes the game ahead, you'll get a different ending.

The story isn't the only thing that's been retooled for this sequel, and NBA '07 will also boast improved player intelligence over last year's model, with computer-controlled ballers that can pull off fast breaks and more competently take the ball. The developers also promise that the difficulty will be a lot more balanced, starting out slow and ramping up as players draw closer to the championships. They've also added a neat little flourish to help you out: onscreen indicators that pop up onscreen to tell you when you're in the best position to grab a rebound or take a shot.

Aside from The Life mode (which, by the way, will let players use the EyeToy camera to stick their face on The Kid's head), NBA '07 will also pack in exhibition games, online play and a full playoff mode, along with a full complement of drills to help you hone your on-court skills. The game looks fascinating even to the non-fans on our staff, so assuming the gameplay comes together, this could be a kickass alternative to traditional, team-based NBA sims.