Nathan Drake’s attic remembers all the good times (& old games) SPOILERS OBV

We’ve seen Nathan Drake’s Uncharted 4 attic before via a few trailers and teasers, and the obvious nods to previous games were clear to see. Now we can check just how much of the good times Drake decided to keep around.

Obviously, spoilers ahead so let me put spoiler Nate here and you can decide if you want to proceed. 

As part of Uncharted 4’s opening you spend a little time in Drake’s attic where it turns out you can check out mementos and reminders from all his old adventures. There’s souvenirs, artefacts, even the journal from each game. Plus, you can even relive the glory days of killing hundreds of unamed henchmen with a ping pong ball gun and a few paper targets. 

It’s a nice little touch and a lovely way of remembering all the good times in Nate’s last outing (for Naughty Dog at least). 

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