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Naruto vs Ryu

Other famous Turtles: Chun-Li and Blanka (Street Fighter)

A turtle waits… and waits… and waits and waits and waits until you make a mistake. Then they attack. While Gaara has some great combo potential, as well as some pretty lethal mid- and long-range attacks, he really shines as a Turtle. As Gaara’s life depletes and he enters Latent Ninja Power mode, his sand will protect him from not only normal attacks and chip damage from special attacks; he will become able to block unblockable attacks. This includes special jutsu techniques. Additionally, he has a counter jutsu technique that he can activate from a defensive position to instantly attack from the guarding position. So in order to be safe, approach Gaara with caution and try throwing him instead of attacking… Turtles hate that.