Nanhe Jaisalmer review

Tobacco-scoffing, 10-year-old camel safari guide Nanhe is obsessed by Bollywood star Bobby Deol, scribbled him fan letters on a daily basis. His wildest dreams come true when Deol visits Jaisalmer for a shoot, befriending the lad. Spouting self-help homilies (of the ‘if you believe in anything strongly enough, you’ll achieve it’ variety), the thesp inspires the illiterate Nanhe to get an education. Though debutant Dwij Yadav is winsome enough as Nanhe, it’s hard to fathom why he’s so hung up on B-lister Deol when there are plenty of genuine Bolly superstars to choose from – Shah Rukh Khan downwards. Matters aren’t helped by a Usual Suspect-esque twist you’ll spot from miles away.

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