Namco Bandai announces trio of Digimon games

Later this year, Namco Bandai will release three new Digimon titles: Digimon World Dawnand Dusk for the Nintendo DS and Digimon World Data Squad for the not-dead-yet PS2.

The DS games look to follow the same format as the dual Pokemon releases we have all come to be familiar with, but with a certain twist:The pair of titles boast "parallel and interweaving storylines" told from two different sides, in this case a conflict spurred by a massive earthquake. There will be over 400 new monsters to collect, but if you really want to go all-out and land the super-rare Digimon, you'll need both versions (of course) to connect through WiFi.

The PS2 title, based on the upcoming Disney cartoon series of the same name, offers cel-shaded graphicsin addition to an opportunity to keep from upgrading to a PS3 for just a little while longer.

Look for these new Digimon RPGs to land in in the fall of this year.

May 16, 2007