Mythos beta ready - new screens

Flagship Studios Seattle, a satellite of Bill Roper's outfit Flagship Studios, has released new screenshots from Mythos along with word that the alpha testing stage for the game has ended and beta is being eyed.

Mythos is an MMO action-RPG that'll be free to download and play, plunging players into the fantasy world of Uld where they assume the roles of heroes traversing the land. Adventuring, questing and combat occur in completely randomized dungeons and environments, dungeons being instanced and suitable for both solo and group play.

And it's going to be free. Or did we mention that already?

"Mythos presents a constantly expanding, continuously updated world where something new lurks around every corner," Flagship Studios Seattle explains.

The game's due out this year, presumably later rather than sooner. Click the Images tab abovefor the new screens.

April 26, 2007