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My Soul To Take trailer slashes its way online

My Soul To Take

Scream 4 may currently be in production, but before signing on that, director Wes Craven quietly made another teen horror that involves death, madmen and mayhem.

My Soul To Take follows a group of seven teens who are stalked by the vengeful spirit of a dead serial killer sixteen years after his demise. Before you can sneeze Nightmare-On-Elm-Street , young things are turning up hacked to pieces.

But who is really responsible? Could the lead character Bug (yes... Bug...) be to blame?

The first trailer for the flick has appeared online, and it looks like pretty standard teen slasher fare. Which doesn’t exactly bode well for Scream 4 , except that Craven’s not had a hand in writing that one.

Check out the trailer below…

My Soul To Take opens in the US on 8 October. No UK release has been set, but expect this to hit DVD pretty quickly.

What do you make of the trailer? Talk it out below…