Movie sex is bad for you

All it takes is a smouldering look as he says his name out loud and it seems any female’s defences are about as useful as a Swedish footy coach in the England job. Over 40 years of disarming and disrobing ladyfolk and suddenly James Bond is being blamed for the rise in unprotected sex and unwanted pregnancies around the globe.

“The social norm being presented in movies is concerning, given the HIV and illicit drug pandemics in developing and industrialised countries,” states Dr Hasantha Gunasekera, writer of The Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine.

The journal goes on to name and shame various flicks that depict sex as a contraceptive-free zone. Paul Verhoeven bonkfest Basic Instinct gets slapped about for containing no fewer than six scenes of unprotected schtoopery but it’s the British superspy who gets it where it hurts, with Die Another Day high on the list of offenders.

“The motion picture industry should be encouraged to depict safer sex practices and to depict the real consequences of unprotected sex,” Dr Gunasekera declares.

Too right. Note to Eon Productions: please ensure Q is seen sticking a pack of three into the glovey of the Aston Martin…

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