MotorStorm gameplay footage roars in

We're all desperate to see more of PS3's gaming credentials in action, especially after a pretty disappointing showing at May's E3 expo, so this new gameplay footage of none-more-muddy dirt racer MotorStorm is more than welcome.

It's even exciting enough to make us forget - nearly - our rather dull experience the last time we saw the game. Click the Movies tab now to watch it.

You can see from the footage how your race opponents will line up - in a motorized menagerie of dirt bikes, buggies, tweaked trucks and other mud-flecked vehicles. It gives each race an unpredictable, chaotic feel, and we're crossing our fingers really hard and hoping that the high-speed hijinks in this trailer are what we can expect fromthe game'sfinal form.

What's a bit disappointing, though, is the lack of any Burnout-style crashfests. There's a nice collision at the very end of the trailer but, from this evidence, dramatic impacts and pileups of the sort we saw inthe original MotorStorm E3 trailer in 2005 will be few and far between.

MotorStorm has the potential to be an adrenaline-packed and exciting racer, but although we don't want to overcook the pessimistic pie, we won't stop worrying that the game will be a huge flop until we get our next hands-on session. Let's hope we're in for a big surprise.