MotorStorm's motion-sensitive controls are difficult at first, but very accurate. Do you think there's much value in PS3's motion-sensitive controls?
There's been three generations of gamers now reared on the DualShock, or similar pads on other systems. To add in an entirely new interface alongside the traditional DualShock controls was always going to be a challenge.

We think that, initially, a lot of players will 'stick with what they know,' then come back and dabble with the motion-sensitivity later. Hopefully they'll learn there's a very versatile and playable interface there, and it can lead to the very best times in competition. Players coming fresh to PS3 will find it's a lot easier for them to get to grips with because it's a lot closer to the analogue controls on a real car or motorbike.

Above: It's easy to over-egg things when using MotorStorm's motion-sensing controls, as the SixAxis pad detects even subtle movements

Are there any plans for multiplayer features in MotorStorm?
Oh yeah! This level of racing chaos, coupled with PS3's online features gives us a chance to produce a fantastic multiplayer racing experience.

Expect to be able to use any of the races available in the festival as a basis for playing online against your mates, but with some additional options to customise it further. We've implemented voice communication, and our plan is to support online play for as long as possible with fresh content to enhance multiplayer, including new modes and some surprises that we're keeping quiet for now.