Friday 17 November 2006
MotorStorm is probably one of the best games that Sony's PlayStation 3 has to offer - it's fast, gorgeous to look at and it gets ever more thrilling every time we see it. Which is amazing, given our first hands-on left more than a little to be desired. So, for a glimpse inside the brains behind the game, we caught up with lead designer Nigel Kershaw and designer Jed Ashforth and bombarded them with questions.

We've heard MotorStorm is only going to be released in Europe. Is this true?
It's rubbish! We think this is a myth based on the fact that our WRC games weren't released in North America. Not only will MotorStorm be a global release, but people will be able to play each other online regardless of where they are, anywhere in the world.

Above: The detail on MotorStorm's many drivers and riders is superb

Did you make any changes to the game in light of people's first responses at E3?
There're always some tweaks and changes made to any game based on feedback, and we think we've got a fairly representative view of what people thought about the game.

After E3, for example, we increased the amount of taunts that bike and ATV riders could do and we added the ability to punch, because loads of people asked for it. Fortunately for us, in most areas we were pretty much on-the-money with the direction we were heading, so it was more a reassurance that we were making the game people wanted.

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