Earlier this week we dropped some fresh screens of MotoGP4, and now we've got even more. The hyper-realistic racing sim has always strived to provide the ultimate bike experience, and the upcoming fourth title is sure to deliver. Its fully licensed tracks, riders and bikes are now joined by three engine classes, tweakable rides and 8-player online matches - complete with smack-talkin' voice chat.

If you're not a wheelie-poppin' gearhead, MotoGP4 may still have something for you. There's an arcade racing mode that ditches all the tech-heavy details in favor of more accessible racing, plus more than a hundred mini-challenges to beat. Doing so gives you GP Points, which, as you may have guessed, can be used to unlock even more goodies (riders, photos and videos). Our new screens are largely limited to one track, but veteran jockeys are sure to pull all the details they'll need from Namco's latest GP.