Mortal Kombat X's new triple threat character, Triborg is... actually four robots

The English prefix, "tri-" is derived from Latin and Greek, and means "three". The only explanation I can muster for the following story is that Mortal Kombat's use of "tri-" is, in fact, derived from the language of the series' toothy mutants the Tarkatans, and means "whatever number we like at the time".

To explain: Mortal Kombat X's second round of paid DLC will introduce Triborg, a robotic character who can replicate the moves of Sektor, Cyrax and Robot Smoke. You get it? He's three cyborgs (if you ignore the fact that that's a probably incorrect use of that term).

Except he isn't three cyborgs. Revealed on a NetherRealm stream and spotted by Reddit, Triborg has a fourth variation, Cyber Sub Zero - an amalgamation of the fan favourite's icy style with futuristic additions, like being able to shoot out little drones from his wrists.

Unless the game's adding extra Variation slots, we can probably assume that Cyber Sub Zero takes the place of the "variationless" versions of each character (chosen by pressing Up, Up, Triangle/Y).

Then again, maybe this is the tip of the iceberg - I say we get robotic versions of every member of the roster, and whenever they fight their real, fleshy counterpart, you get a little scene where they say, "what? But how? What are- are you- is this happening? Is this a dream? Are you me? Am I you? What a pickle!" And then their arms fall off. Instant fatality.

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Joe Skrebels
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