Mortal Kombat X adds exploding leprechauns in honor of St. Patrick's Day

Christmas. Halloween. Valentine's Day. These are the holidays I expect to see in-game events for. St. Patrick's Day though, not so much. Well, today I'm happy to have my assumptions proven wrong, by Mortal Kombat X no less. Log onto developer NetherRealm's fighter today and you'll find a St. Patrick's Day-themed tournament tower, and it's a doozy.

The "Watch Out Leprechauns" tower has a plethora of winks and nods to the holiday, including green rain that deals damage to those standing in it, green beers that slow kombatants down, even a drunkenly swaying camera. The best fight modifier by far though has to be the leprechauns you'll find running to and fro on the battlefield, as they explode into a rainbow-tinted heap of blood and gold coins.

This special tower will be available for the next four days, so don't worry too much about rushing to complete it. I still suggest you make time though, because should you best all eight opponents, you'll earn a special emblem, banner, and four-leaf clover icon.

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Sam Prell

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