Mortal Kombat, please welcome Cyrax and Kitana

With Capcom steadily unveiling new fighting minutiaapproximately once every 2.7 days, it%26rsquo;s about Mortal Kombat stepped it up a bit. And thank the Good Lord Goro they did, because today the first MK under the Warner Bros Interactive label is showing off the return of two longtime series favorites, Kitana and Cyrax!

Kitanapreviously playablesurreally fighting alongside the Justice League, albeit in a somewhat neutered T for Teen state, and cyborg assassin Cyrax hasn%26rsquo;t been seen since 2007%26rsquo;s MK: Armageddon. Good to have you back and bloody, guys! Oh, and diehard MK fans may also want to take note of the backgrounds in theses brand new screensshots. That%26rsquo;s no ordinary dusty attic there - you%26rsquo;re looking at the updated Bell Tower stage originally made famous in MK3.

Above: These bells toll for anyone who spent the better part of the early 90's in arcades

Today%26rsquo;s new pics also showcase more fighters locked in [a clever synonym for Mortal Kombat] as well as the newly unveiled Desert stage.Click hereto see them all, even though it's a bit difficultto get excited about a desert stage.

Looking for more details? Check out the full Mortal Kombat fatality and babality list here.

Aug 18, 2010