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Mortal Kombat hits Wii

Saturday 27 January 2007
Mortal Kombat: Armageddon is coming to Wii, complete with the series' trademark grotesque battling action, and these shots show you just how the gruesome fighter will offer motion-sensitive violence for Wii-mote clutching gamers. Hit the images tab for more, including a full sequence.

All of the game's special moves and fatalities are controlled by gestures, as you can see in the shots, but Midway has kindly included the option to play with either the GameCube pad or Classic Controller too. Finally, alongside a Kreate-a-Fighter (they missed a trick with 'Kharacter' there, surely) mode, there's also a Wii-exclusive Endurance mode to battle through.

We've yet to go hands-on with the gesture-based fighting - our worries are that the action will suffer as we crazily wave our arms around in the hope of triggering a Fatality, but at the same time the Wii-mote is brilliantly sensitive, and more than capable of meeting the challenge. We'll no doubt have our first impression in the coming months but, until then, enjoy this batch of demonstration images.