More things to do with your Wii

You’ve played Twilight Princess, made a billion Miis, got Pro in every Wii Sports game, voted on the Everybody Votes channel, downloaded Streets of Rage and now what? “Twiddling your thumbs until another actual game,” say the Wii-doubters before they get frustrated with their PS3 and start watching Serenity on blu-ray for the twentieth time. We’ll let those nay-sayers in on a little secret. The Wii rocks and you can show your sleek machine some love before it gets the disease wherein every Nintendo console starts to collect dust. Pull up a chair and start reading.

Install Linux
We’re getting into the realms of the truly outlandish here. However, should you wish to run the Linux operating system on your Wii, there are already instructions on how to do it. for more on this, and other projects with enough l33t jargon to make your brain fall straight off its hinges.