More on Gears of War

Wednesday 26 July 2006
Gears of War developer Epic Games has released a collection of screens and concept art of its much anticipated shooter Gears of War, which is due out for Xbox 360 in November.

The concept art shows sketches of the environments and settings that will stage some of the epic battles between the human resistance and the rampaging evil that is the Locust Horde.

In other, slightly more peculiar, Gears of War news, Microsoft has sealed a deal with ageing metallers Megadeth to have Gears of War as the official sponsor of their upcoming Gigantour (do you see what they've done there?). The US tour will run from September until early October, just before the game is due for release.

There's speculation that the Gears of War/MegaDeth deal was rushed through in order to counteract Sony's rumoured plans to have Resistance: Fall of Man as the sponsor of Jamie Cullum's UK tour.