More fun than a chestburster

There are two things in life that make me happy: Aliens and Super7. I guess there are three if you count bacon. Anyhoo, Super7 is an amazing art gallery and collectibles store. They design their own line of ridiculously cool Star Wars apparel and stock enough collectible vinyl to make my head spin. Seriously, you should check out their site.

So you can imagine my sheer delight when I saw Super7's SDCC Exclusive Alien Egg Chamber Playset! Do you see the incredible attention to detail? It's so awesome, I might even want to take it out of the box. Lucky for you, if you missed Comic-Con, it can still be ordered. And bonus points for putting a girl on the cover. It looks like this awesome space terror isn't just for the boys anymore!

The galactic fun doesn't stop there. Check out this sweet set of pint glasses too. Now you can drink your favorite beverage out of a glass titled Ripley & the Airlock. What better excuse to yell "Stay away from my drink, you bitch!"

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