More BioShock PS3 details emerge

The first batch of details on therecently confirmedPS3 version of BioShock have leaked out of US mag, Electronic Gaming Monthly. And here they are... along with the first two screens:

According to EGM, the visuals will be the same as the 360 and any SixAxis action is still to be confirmed. The PS3 version will include all extra Plasmids and any little fixes done for the 360 version straight out of the box, says a post onNeoGAF.

Word is that the dev will work with Sony to "extend and augment the game," although what that means is a bit of a mystery. It's too early to talk about all the good stuff, apparently. They're probably saving it for another mag cover/reveal during the summer.

More interestingly, EGM says the PS3 game probably isn't worth picking up if you played through the 360 version. Although the game's creative director says "whatever we end up with via our discussions with Sony, coupled with the fact that BioShock allows you to go through and roll your own shooter in the first place...these two factors together would turn into a motive for replay."

If there's new stuff in there, you can count us in.

Courtesy of CVG.

May 28, 2008