Moons of Madness, a new Lovecraftian cosmic horror game, coming to PC this month and consoles in 2020

Moons of Madness is a self-described "Lovecraftian" and "cosmic" horror game from Funcom and Rocket Pocket Games coming to PC October 22 and to PS4 and Xbox One January 21. The news was revealed alongside a brief announcement trailer, which is absolutely worth checking out if you're intrigued.

The game takes place on Mars, where protagonist Shane Newhart is operating and maintaining a base and research facility. Unfortunately for ol' Shane, this version of Mars differs quite a bit from what we saw in The Martian, where limited food and water were among the protagonist's top concerns - Shane's gotta deal with big, scary tentacle monsters too.

Where its Lovecraftian themes come into play is when you're tasked with uncovering the deeper secrets hidden on the red planet. It sounds like you'll solve puzzles, ponder mysteries, and be chased around by horrific, bloodthirsty aliens in the meantime. You'll also likely be faced with growing psychological issues, at least according to this snippet from the official description.

"With your only hope of rescue hundreds of thousands of miles away, you will be forced to explore the real-world fears of isolation and paranoia, enhanced with supernatural elements and cosmic horror. Terrifying visions and monstrous apparitions will make you question what is real and what is not as the very fabric of reality threatens to tear at the seams."

Moons of Madness certainly seems to have some lofty ambitions, but I'm personally excited to explore each terrifying facet of this intriguing horror title. Check out the trailer yourself and decide whether it's worth keeping an eye on.

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Jordan Gerblick

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